About the show

“I’d Eat That” is a radio show in San Francisco about what we eat, where it comes from, and what makes it delicious. In each show we explore one element of food today – whether it’s a food issue, a culinary trend, or an interesting ingredient by talking to people—chefs, growers, and everyday eaters–who think long and hard before they say “I’d Eat That.”

Who is “we”?

Molly Watson is a writer, recipe girl, and closet historian. She covers local foods for About.com, is a contributing editor at Sunset magazine, and is the author of The Dinner Files. In short, she writes and she cooks. Before devoted herself to food Molly earned her Ph.D. in Modern European history from Stanford University and was a Fulbright scholar to France. Her love of radio dates to summer nights in the room she shared with her insomniac grandmother at her family cabin in Minnesota when she was often woken up by the rustling of a crossword, the smell of a cigarette, and the sweet melodic sounds of the BBC.

Emily Wilson is a reporter and radio producer who has worked for NPR, KALW, KQED,  KCBS, Pacifica Network News, and the Half Moon Bay Review.  Emily has a masters in Journalism from Columbia University with an emphasis on radio. Emily is passionate about food, and she would like to produce the kind of food show she would like to listen to—full of sound and stories.


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