The pilot show

January 23, 2009
In our pilot show, we talked about meat. We heard from a woman who started a meat CSA in the East Bay, a chef who uses whole animals in his cooking and from a vegan who hasn’t eaten meat in about twenty years.

for more information. Read Bonnie’s Powell’s blog
The Ethicurean or read the Micheal Pollan article (“An Animal’s Place”) that influenced her shift back to meat eating.

To experience Paul Canales’s whole animal approach to cooking and the dishes it inspires, make a reservation at Oliveto Cafe and Restaurant in Oakland, CA.

If your memory of Pa butchering a pig is fuzzy or you never read the Little House series (!), be a child again. Start with Little House in the Big Woods.

Looking for ways to reduce your meat consumption? We liked the article “Putting Meat In Its Place by Mark Bittman in The New York Times.
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It’s a radio show, it’s a blog, it’s “I’d Eat That”

January 21, 2009

Hey there. I’m Molly Watson and along with my co-host, co-producer, radio gal Emily Wilson, I’d like to say welcome. Welcome to our little labor of love. So far it’s a half-hour pilot episode that aired a couple times Thanksgiving Week 2008 (click and listen over there on your right) on KALW (91.7) in San Francisco. We got the go-ahead in the New Year to raise money and put on a show. We’re excited. Really excited. We have so many stories to tell and people to talk too and foods to try. If you’re like us and like good food, good stories, and cooking with the radio on, check in now and again and we’ll tell you what we’re up to.